Our Team

Phil King C.E.O., MVM, MBA, CBI, CMSBB, CMAP, HREAM, Broker of Record

Phone: (613) 518-0776 ext. 1

Phil has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs with the sale or acquisition of an enterprise over the course of more than 30 years as a corporate or private intermediary in the Mergers & Acquisitions space. He has done so successfully by working with clients to formulate solutions encompassing Strategic Growth Considerations, Expansion / Consolidation, Valuation, Financing, Wealth Management, and Transitional Planning.

Phil has owned and sold many of his own companies as a “C” Suite entrepreneur over the past 30 years and has excelled in senior roles of sales management, agricultural development, automotive supply & service, Hospitality as well as manufacturing & distribution of hardware and clothing companies – all on an international basis.

A skilled architect of national/international retailer networks, B2B sales channels, supply & logistics channel management and vertically integrated manufacturing operations, he is adept at delivering strategic, operational, and financial initiatives.

Phil is a Change Management Leader possessing a refined instinct for interpreting shifts in market trends and P&L performance measures. He has the ability to understand his clients’ needs and goals and provides a strategic course of action to strengthen business operations and refocus resources, drive dramatic market penetration, revenue growth, expense management, cash flows, and EBITDA performance.

Andrew Saikaley President

Phone: (613) 518-0776 ext. 2

Andrew has many years as a multiple-location business owner and operator. He has experienced the acquisition process, as well as transition and exit processes first-hand as a successful seller of those businesses bringing very transferrable experience to his clients. Andrew’s expertise lies in corporate structure, finance options, change management, operational proficiency, sales & marketing, and deal structure to link both buy & sell-side participants and deliver on their corresponding objectives.

Since entering the Mergers & Acquisitions space professionally, Andrew has successfully brokered multiple deals by creatively structuring the transactions while achieving the goals of both Buyer and Seller. He maintains excellent Buyer-Seller relations throughout the transaction, closing and post-closing transition phases. Andrew thrives on delivering satisfaction to clients throughout the industry.

Khaled Bitar B.Sc., CBI

Phone: (613) 769-5405

For over 13 years, Khaled has advised clients as an M&A Intermediary. His expertise lies in operational & financial analysis, valuation, and deal structuring. Khaled possesses domestic and overseas business experience with years of hands-on activity in the manufacturing, sales, and consulting industries. Having closed transactions of varying sizes within different sectors, he provides relevant insight into the key factors contributing to successful negotiations.

Khaled earned a CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) designation from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) in 2009, is a Fellow of the IBBA, and served 3 years as a director of IBBA’s Canadian Chapter. Khaled has held many sales and executive positions such as Branch Manager for a multinational company and VP Sales & Marketing at two global technology companies. In addition, he has owned and managed businesses in exporting and international consulting, which respectively facilitated the sale of North American products to overseas customers and assisted different companies in penetrating or managing new markets. Khaled has worked abroad for many years and traveled to countries on 5 continents working with different customers and their varying criteria, backgrounds, and cultures. He is also a part-time Professor teaching International Business courses at Algonquin College School of Business in Ottawa. Additional noteworthy and academic accomplishments include; a B.Sc. in Chemistry, a Diploma with Distinction from Carleton University Sprott School of Business in International Trade Training, and as a public speaker at trade and industry functions. Khaled is fluent in English and Arabic, with a basic knowledge of French.

Additional noteworthy mentions — a B.Sc. in Chemistry, a Diploma with Distinction from Carleton University Sprott School of Business in International Trade Training, and as a public speaker at trade and industry functions. Khaled is fluent in English and Arabic, with a basic knowledge of French.

Art Howarth B.Sc. (Computer Science)


During his 30+ year career, Art has experience within a diverse set of public, private, and entrepreneurial roles spanning multiple continents and market areas. He has founded businesses, led teams and been engaged with business in Asia, Europe, and North America. In addition, has also held positions on private and public company boards.

Art was involved in 75 acquisitions and over 100 investments at Cisco Systems. As a leader of the Corporate Development Group, his responsibilities covered tech strategy, investment portfolio tech extraction, technical due diligence for acquisitions/investments, and Intellectual Property (IP) evaluations. Art participated in upper-market corporate M&A and assisted smaller companies with investment, exits, strategy, and funding models. Through his career he’s built customer relationships with Fortune 100 companies and gathered particular expertise in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Aerospace, and Pharmaceutical industries. He has many years of experience as an entrepreneur having founded multiple businesses.

Additional noteworthy mentions — Holder of 23 patents; Actively involved with the Canadian Venture and Technology community and top-tier universities to develop, maturate and deliver innovative companies/technologies; Holds a Degree in Computer Science degree from Concordia University.