Enterprise Transitions and Deal Management

An ownership team builds a company over time. Nobody fools time. At some stage, that team will choose the time to transition to a new phase. This change could look like a Strategic Sale, Merger, Joint Venture, Amalgamation or even a form of succession to management or family. The consistent parts are; the ownership team wants to make sure that the enterprise they have built by pouring heart and soul into it transfers to a new ownership team that continues to drive it forward and, the ownership team wants to receive monetary and personal remuneration as a result of the transaction.

M&A Evolution’s Deal Team understands these motivations since each of the team has owned and transacted multiple businesses. Our eight-step process manages and bridges each aspect of the deal from start to finish, maximizing the likelihood of a successful conclusion.

Confidentiality is one of many key elements that we control very closely. The permissions for any party to be privy to your information are governed through Non-Disclosure agreements. Also, we maintain a “Vault Room” and grant incremental levels of access to parties involved in the transaction. This secures every piece of sensitive information and only permits Buy-side or Sell-side advisors to access certain documents required for review during specific phases of the deal.

M&A Evolution manages every aspect of the deal from start to post-close, allowing you to focus on continuing to run your company and enjoy your day-to day life. Leave all the background details to us.